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Equalogic PS4000XV - any downsides?

Hi All

I have received a compelling sales incentive offer for the PS4000XV - 16x SAS 15k 300GB, 2 controllers etc etc - with a pair of Force 10 switches. I have not yet evaluted the storage system (this was planned work for later this quarter) but did have a demo in Q2 and have been steadily researching the solution since.

The system will provide storage to a 20 VM Windows server farm, supporting 100 users. All low intensity. 1 Oracle server (possibily VM, depending on license costs). Some analysis showed IO rates across the farm to be ~500 IOPS on 15 min averages. An attractive feature for us is the remote replication by adding a second unit.

Obviously being pushed by sales offers is never good, however with tight budgets this would enable us to implement the remote replication which otherwise would be outside of our budget.

The vmware project itself will commence Q1 next year, this storage would be used for physical Oracle database in the mean time.

Any and all comments on this predicament very welcome! Should we bite!?

Many thanks!

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