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Clariion CX3-20 - Templates LUN in multiple Storage Groups?

So we're moving all our VMs to a dedicated Clariion CX3-20 from our DMX. On the DMX, LUNs are masked to each host server WWN individually. On the Clariion, hosts and LUNs in the same Storage Group are automatically masked to see each other.

Well, I had a Templates LUN that was shared between our multiple farms. I created a new LUN on the Clariion for this same purpose, formatted it with vmfs3. I did discover how to add the Templates LUN to multiple Storage Groups (The Clariion gave me lots of warnings about how more than 1 host will be able to access this LUN!!! :smileysilly:)

Hosts in the first Storage Group assigned this LUN can see it fine as a formatted drive.

But when I rescanned the SAN from a host in the second Storage Group, the (vmfs3 formatted) LUN doesn't show up. When I click on Add Storage, it appears in the list of devices, but shows 0 available space. If I go to add it, it sees it as a vmfs3 formatted drive, but wants a new name for it, and the wizard says all data on it will be destroyed.

What's the correct way (is it possible) to present a LUN to multiple Storage Groups on a Clariion?

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