Capacity Planner - Issue on Inventory,

Hi All,

We have used capacity planner tool 2.7.Xvto Assess one of our Datacenters . Require advice for below issues faced during the assessment.

1) Tool did n't capture inventory tabs like Serial No, Chasis Make, Chasis Model for most of our servers . Why?

2) What is the maximum servers can be assessed using the CP tool . We found problem with 170 Servers( always session time out for performance and inventory) .

3) Tool reports falls information on the storage usage . One of servers report says 8TB but actual usage is 2TB



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Hi Gopu,

You need to ask specifically for the chassis information to be collected - go to Admin/Options/Modules and double-click Inventory, then Objects. Make sure you have a check mark against CHASSIS INFORMATION. Not all motherboards will report these though - it depends on the mobo/BIOS. You should also check that WMI is enabled on your target systems, as that is the component that collects serial/chassis information.

Also you must make sure you enabled Export System Identifiable Information such as IP Addresses, Shares, and Serial Numbers in the Export tab for the inventory module - if this is not enabled, then this information won't be sent to the warehouse for security reasons.

Can you explain more about the disk storage issue? Are you saying that the Capacity Planner tool is reporting 8Tb used for one server when only 2Tb is actually used?

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