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Can resource pool be extended to a new cluster?

Now we are trying implement Lab manager.

How it was “Before Lab Manager”: everybody had his or her own host(s) and used them as he or she wish. If somebody had a vacation, he or she may lease host(s) to other people for temporary use. We would like to implement a similar approach in Lab Manager, but  with LabMan’s advantages.

I think we need to combine all the hosts in one cluster. Each senior manager (Ideally) will have own resource pool. Resource pool will be extended after adding new hosts to cluster. But, there are many questions.

  1. Is it possible to create a resource pool in the Lab manager or direct access to vCenter is needed?
  2. Is it possible to add new hosts to an existing cluster on the fly?
  3. What is the maximum cluster size?  I read that it is 32 nodes, with greatly reduced effectiveness:
    8 Nodes  x 100 VMs / Node  == 800 VMs per cluster max
    9 Nodes x 40 VMs / Node     == 360 VMs per cluster max
    20 Nodes x 40 VMs/ Node    == 800 VMs per cluster max
    32 Nodes x 40 VMs / Node   == 1,280 VMs per cluster max
  4. Can resource pool be extended to a new cluster?

What best practice exists on this?

Thanks in advance!

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