CP - Optimization Scenarios & Optimization Reports

Afternoon everyone,

I´ve been trying the following: I want to create Optimization Reports (Progress, ES and Assessment) for individual groups of systems inside the assessment instead of all of them.

Here´s what I´ve tried so far, with no success:

- Created a custom Scenario (where I select a group of systems, instead of all systems in the assessment). Used it to create a Custom Scenario Template. Tried to configure that Template at the Assessment Global Settings´s Scenario and Hardware Selection tab. My custom Template is not shown in the list.

- Tried changing default Optimization Scenarios´s configuration (CE Scenario). It won´t let me change the default option at the "Select Systems to Consolidate" screen.

Any idea how I can procede with that, or if that´s even possible (although I don´t see why it wouldn´t)?

Best regards, and thank you all

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