Microsoft clustering on VMs across the DataCenters

Microsoft clustering on VMs across the DataCenters

My Motive was to have Microsoft clustering done on VMs across the two Sites or can call across Data entres (ESX 4.x- above). My Attempt to allocate MSCS Quorum from “Global Storage” was not getting successful.

Issue I was facing was:

I was not able to add RDM on VMs provisioned on two different sites in physical compatibility mode.. Since you are using RDM with physical compatibility mode I had clustering done on Global storage RDM at storage level already to have it visible across the DCs on all the hosts under cluster Cl1(on one site) and CL01(on another site) .

Whenever I add RDM as physical on one VM1 CL1 , I was not able to add it another VM residing under CL01.The option to select RDM was greyed out for me.

Troubleshooting done with VMware support guy:

When we tried adding RDM on VM1 under Cl1 we am not getting option to use the same RDM to another VM2 on Cl01 under different DC.As per VMware on the Second node we'll have to Use an existing virtual disk & point to the RDM Mapping VMDK file.



What I did to make RDM visible to add on both the VMS.

I powered off the VMs(since I had downtime for same).

I added RDM in physical compatibility mode on VM1 under CL1 with SCSI(1:0). The automatically added SCSI controller1(in my case) along with RDM was set with bus sharing option as "Physical" ..


Then I moved on adding RDM to another VM2 under cl02 which is in different site/DC.

Here, before adding RDM I already have SCSI controller1 with bus sharing option configured as "None". Which I didn’t removed when I removed RDM on this VM2 prior adding it to VM1 in CL1.

I clicked on add--> choose Hard disk-->I was able to see RDM option(it was not greyed out for me here since I already had it configured to be shared by any server as physical) I hit on next-->Choose the SCSI disk as (1:0) and finish.

When I look into the VMs now.

I have VM1 in CL1 with attached RDM in Physical compatibility mode and @SCSI Controller level the bus sharing is set to "Physical".

Whereas , in VM2 under CL01 in different DC I have RDM attached in physical compatibility mode , SCSI controller level bus sharing set to "None".


For better confirmation if I am able to add the disks as quorum:

I RDP to both the VMs. I was able to RDM on both the VMS as offline. I changed it to online-->Initialized the disk-->created a volume of it(which would help me in adding it as quorum disk in cluster).

I created the failover cluster on VM1 under CL1->added the disk to cluster-->changed the disk to quorum disk and I am done.I checked I am able to see the cluster , disk added to cluster in another VM2 of CL01 also.

Let me know incase of any query/concern.

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