xTremIO Controllers, Errors (LUN0 Presentation) and Mask_Path Statements

Looking for a little help on some advanced SAN configuration work

I'm in the middle of working out some storage issues out with my SAN team and EMC. One issue that surfaced was the use of the MASK_PATH statement in creating claimrules to eliminate errors associated with PowerPath claiming the presented XIO controller (EMC-KB 000487098). The XIO Controller is also assuming a LUN0 id although No bootable device is presented. The subsequent deluge of errors that surfaces is...

"WARNING: ScsiClaimrule: 1318: Path vmhba4:C0:T5:L0 is claimed by plugin NMP, but current claimrule number 340 indicates that it should be claimed by plugin PowerPath."

SAN and Support Says up and down to follow the technote although I found another article on their support site that says to discount the errors (EMC Art # 000468047)

I'm curious if anyone else has crossed this issue and whether they have worked this path to resolution or just left sleeping dogs lie? Also am I approaching the mask path statement rules correctly?

So our hosts have 4 adapters with 4 paths to each XIO device, bringing the total to 16 paths

If I'm going to implement this fix and mask the controller entirely, I suspect I'm going to have to create 16 individual claim rules to account for each path? If so, Thank god they didn't go with 8paths....

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Follow-up ... Yes the correct approach was creating one rule for each path however I ultimately abandoned this approach because it complicated the host configuration. No adverse effects have been have surfaced

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