win2008R2 clone does not see NIC

win2008R2 sp1

vsphere 4.1 update 1

I've cloned my 2nd win2008r8 VM today.  I have had the same problem both times.  I am using a Customization Specification (as a I do with all win2003 and win2008x32 clones).

I have specified an E1000 NIC.  The Device Manager in the cloned win2008r2 VM sees the NIC, but the Network Sharing Center does not see the NIC.  I have to remove it from the Device Manager and Scan for new hardware so that it re-discovers it, then I re-configure with my settings and it works.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and discovered a fix?


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vmware tools is installed ?

check this kb.

mayber E1000 not is apropriate choice for this guest os.

try with vmxnet3

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