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win cluster on vm's on upgraded hosts from 3.5 to 4.0U2

We have upgraded hosts from esx 3.5 to 4.0U2. There are several virtual machines with microsoft cluster installed, and on one such cluster we have problem. Other clusters migrated without no problems, clusters are working, LUNs are visible on both nodes. Those machines were migrated with LUNs attached to VM's. But one cluster before migration had disconnected LUNs, they were connected to only first node machine and that machine is ok. But now when we try to add as raw devices to second node we can not see those LUNs! We tried shut down both machines, but LUNs are still not visible. So now we can not enable windows cluster on second node because LUNs are not visible.

On clustered machines we have Win2003Ent installed, they have latest VMWare Tools, upgrades hardware to version 7. Storage is EMC CX4-240.

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