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vspshere storage explanation

Hello community,

I'm trying to understand why provisioned and disk capacity are now equal in vspshere

My provisioned size is 6.39Tb

And hard disk size:

Disk 1: 100GB

Disk 2: 120GB

Disk 3: 850GB

Disk 4: 1.953TB

Disk 5: 500GB

Total: 3.523TB

I have some snapshots, but I can't explain the numbers,

Can you help me to understand delta and flat files? And why the sizes?

Here size details


[root@esxi03d:/vmfs/volumes/XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXX/Client-APP] du -sch *
208.0K Client-APP-000001-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP-000001.vmdk
6.3M Client-APP-000005-ctk.vmdk
66.9G Client-APP-000005-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP-000005.vmdk
50.2G Client-APP-000009-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP-000009.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP-2eed8f85.hlog
0 Client-APP-3b02d7c7.vswp
48.0K Client-APP-Snapshot1200.vmsn
36.0K Client-APP-Snapshot408.vmsn
4.0K Client-APP-aux.xml
70.1G Client-APP-flat.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP-vss_manifests1200.zip
12.0K Client-APP.nvram
4.0K Client-APP.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP.vmsd
8.0K Client-APP.vmx
0 Client-APP.vmx.lck
0 Client-APP.vmxf
248.0K Client-APP_1-000001-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_1-000001.vmdk
7.5M Client-APP_1-000005-ctk.vmdk
4.9G Client-APP_1-000005-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_1-000005.vmdk
4.8G Client-APP_1-000009-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_1-000009.vmdk
49.8G Client-APP_1-flat.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_1.vmdk
3.9M Client-APP_2-000001-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_2-000001.vmdk
31.4M Client-APP_2-000004-ctk.vmdk
3.0G Client-APP_2-000004-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_2-000004.vmdk
65.0G Client-APP_2-000009-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_2-000009.vmdk
1.9T Client-APP_2-flat.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_2.vmdk
1008.0K Client-APP_3-000001-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_3-000001.vmdk
31.4M Client-APP_3-000004-ctk.vmdk
68.1M Client-APP_3-000004-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_3-000004.vmdk
22.7G Client-APP_3-000009-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_3-000009.vmdk
65.3M Client-APP_3-flat.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_3.vmdk
1.7M Client-APP_5-000001-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_5-000001.vmdk
26.7M Client-APP_5-000004-ctk.vmdk
2.8M Client-APP_5-000004-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_5-000004.vmdk
630.2M Client-APP_5-000009-delta.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_5-000009.vmdk
784.1G Client-APP_5-flat.vmdk
4.0K Client-APP_5.vmdk
0 vmx-Client-APP-7f2098bc9b5f6db133e3993b169dfbc48138f896-2.vswp
3.0T total


Thanks in advance

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Do you have read this KB 

Overview of virtual machine snapshots in vSphere (1015180) (vmware.com)

where it is explained how to function the snapshot? 



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