vsphere 6.0U2 and NFS datastore slow performance (snapshots)

Hi guys how are you?.

We have a vmware 6 cluster with 6 Cisco UCS C220M4 (rack servers) and 1 Cisco C220M4 with Red Hat "RHEL 6.8"  (using for NFS datastore, use ssd disks, raid5, ext4 partition and nfs v3 no extra parameters in export file conf). We have a very slow performance when from vcenter take one or more snapshot. All servers are connected to Cisco UCS manager with twinax wired (10gbps).

Any recomendations for this escenario?.

each server vsphere 6 using raid1 when install the system (vsphere so), for remediate this issue, we planning use 1 hdd for install vsphere so and the other hdd for host cache mode (both hdd are ssd technology).

Thanks for your time and comments!,

Regards, Sebastian.

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I am pretty sure RHEL NFS is not supported with vSphere.
Do you have at least a dedicated NFS vmkernel IP address ?

Is the NFS share used for a production environment ? or test/dev ?

Can you upload the vm-support of the ESXi , somewhere online so I can check the configuration/logs ?


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