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vshpere/vswitching Dot1Q tagging and HTTPS "page cannot be found"

Hi folks,

I've got a vshpere server running routers and servers for my lab. I was planning to use sub interfaces for my routing and then add my servers to virtual switches and tag the packets. Nothing strange there.

If I add a CUCM server to a virtual switch and tag the traffic with a VLAN then from another vlan I can get to the http splash page of CUCM but get "page cannot be displayed" if I try to get to CUCM admin page or user page (this is using HTTPS).

If I move the CUCM onto a virtual switch with no tagging then it works fine.

This behaviour only occurs when the CUCM server is on a tagged virtual switch. All other servers, routers etc when moved to tagged or non-tagged virtual switches do not change the behaviour of the CUCM server (cannot get to page).

If I move CUCM and other servers to use physical NIC's and remove all tagging on the virtual switches it works as well. So it's definitely something to do with tagging the packets on the virtual switch the CUCM server is connected to.

Anybody seen this behavior on vsphere? Nevermind CUCM but even https on another server?



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