vmkfstools --growfs returning Error: No such file or directory

Hi all,

i am trying to grow a datastore. I follwed this guide:  VMware KB:    Growing a local datastore from the command line in vSphere ESXi 4.x and 5.x

Everything went fine up to the last step. I checked after and the end sector had been correctly changed for the datastore partition. Also verified the partition was at the end of the table with the free space after it.

When I try the last command "vmkfstools --growfs" it always comes back with "Error No such file or directory":

vmkfstools --growfs "/vmfs/devices/disks/t10.ATA_____Samsung_SSD_850_EVO_500GB_______________S21JNX

AG598701W_____:3" "/vmfs/devices/disks/t10.ATA_____Samsung_SSD_850_EVO_500GB_______________S21JNXAG598701W_____:3"

Not found

Error: No such file or directory

Any ideas?



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I have the same problem after exchanging the disk for a bigger one copying the old one with dd.

It works and I have it partly recognized by ESXi as bigger but can't get past this last hurdle.

Running ESXi 6.5 not updated to 6.5U1 yet.

/Leif Carlsson

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Full post on Reddit Sharing the important bit here:

When vmkfstools --growfs "/vmfs/devices/disks/devicename:partition#" "/vmfs/devices/disks/devicename:partition#" says "Not Found", it means that the vmfs volume UUID on that partition do not match. How it happens, who knows, but the fix is to resignature the volume.

In order to do this, you must move/unregister any vm's on the datastore and unmount the datastore. I don't know how to do that from CLI, so I just used the GUI.

Once the datastore is unmounted,

  • esxcfg-volume --list to verify your UUID/label.
  • esxcfg-volume --resignature <VMFS UUID|label> to resignature it
  • vmkfs-tools -V
  • vmkfstools --growfs "/vmfs/devices/disks/devicename:partition#" "/vmfs/devices/disks/devicename:partition#"