vmare esxi 6.7 Error 10 (Out of Resources) while loading: /jumpstrt.gz

Just worked up this morning to restart our SOHO-server after a power failure and realized the vmware esxi refused to boot-up. On inspection of the problem, I found out that

the following error is showing up on the screen

Error 10 (Out of Resources) while loading: /jumpstrt.gz

I tried to swap the hard drive into another machine with a similar configuration to see if it was a hardware problem as a result of the power failure, but the same result. I will really appreciate it if someone can assist us with this problem, because we have a document archiving system deployed on the server which our organization depends on and currently all activities related to that aspect of our process have been suspended because of the above issue.

Below is the configuration of our server:

HP ProLaint ML310e Gen8 v2


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