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vicfg-cfgbackup.pl not saving on windows client

Hello. I'm using vSphere EXSi 6.5.0

I have a simillar question to the on at vicfg-cfgbackup command failing


In my case, the VSphere web client shows the task as "completed successfully", but the backup file is never found in my local PC.

I use vicfg-cfgbackup.pl --server=ESXi_host_IP_address --username=root -s output_file_name

and tested -s flag also with many specified paths.

The one thing I've noticed after reading the post above, is that if I navigate to /scratch/downloads folder, a temporary folder is created for each time I run the command, and inside a file is created with the backup configuration, which I was able to copy.

Any ideas on why the file isn't generated locally in my PC?

Also concerning backups, is it possible to create a .OVA file of my VMs from the Vsphere web client, or do I need to install  Windows VSphere client or am I limited to command line options?

Thanks and regards.


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