vcenter 6.7 HA Failed

ho guys

i have a problem with configure vcenter HA

vcenter Managment IP Address is 192.168.230.x/24

i do this steps

1)in each host create vm Port group(vcenter-HA) with VLAN 190#(192.168.128.x/27)(vswitch have 2 vmnic and Trunk) before that i create a VLAN# in switch

2)add network Adapter to vcenter adapter assign to vcenter-HA Port Group

3)configure vcenter HA Basic and assign IP Address to passive and witness in VLAN 190

4)continue Steps and Finished

5) vcenter Passive is Created and Power on but vCenter HA Progress stop in 44% and Error

“A general system error occurred: Failed to ssh connect peer node 192.168.128.x”. errro to ssh passive ip address

Please Help me

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