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vcb backup error on ESX4

Hi all,

I have successfully done the vcbMounter Commandline before. Today we tried a vcbMounter backup a vm on a ESX Server.

ESX is vSphere4 with local datastore, no vCenter Server, no vcb proxy server, no share datastore.

All steps are show below: login as root

Last login: Tue Apr 27 16:18:34 2010 from

# vcbMounter -a ipaddr: -r /vmimages/vms

Current working directory: /root

Error: Missing command line option

VMware Consolidated Backup -- Virtual Machine Mount Utility

Version 4.0.0 (build-208167)

Copyright (C) 1998-2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.


vcbMounter -h := -M (0|1) -F (0|1)

If no password is specified on the command line, you will be prompted for one.

Export Flags:

-M: If set, the disk is exported into a single (monolithic) file.

When turned off (default), the disk is split into multiple 2GB files.

-F: If set, the disk is exported as "flat" disk, with no optimizations.

When turned off (default), the exported disk files will be more compact as

unused space in the disk image is not included in the exported file.


+) Do a full VM style backup of vm "foo.bar.com" across the SAN,

talk to ESX/VC host "wisdom.bar.com" as user "vc" with

password "foobar". - Export will go to "d:\backups":

vcbMounter -h wisdom.bar.com -u vc -p foobar -a ipaddr:foo.bar.com \

-r d:\backups\foo-fullVM -t fullvm

Full VM backups export an entire virtual machine into a set of

files within a directory. Backing up this file set allows for the

entire virtual machine to be restored later on.

+) Do an automatic unmount of the export just created:

vcbMounter -h wisdom.bar.com -u vc -p foobar \

-U d:\backups\foo-fullVM

An automatic unmount will work for both file-level and full VM mounts.

(A full VM unmount operation just has to delete the exported files.)

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