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vSphere and Aja cards pci pass through senario help.


I've been moving over from hyper-v to take advantage of some of the vSphere functions. One of the things I would like to try out is Direct Path I/O devices. Hopefully isn't a stupid question. I tried searching the forum but couldnt find that much information about pci pass through senarios.

Here is what I'm trying to achive:

I have 2 aja video playout cards on my server (http://www.aja.com/en/articles/144/).

I want to be able to run up serveral VMs that will be able to use the cards natively.

For example here are my virtual machines





What I would like to do is  be able to take, for example  VM1 and VM2  and assign them each an AJA video play out card.  While the remaining VMs are not running. Then shut down VM1 and VM2 and run up VM3 and VM4 and assign them Aja video play out card #1 and #2 respectively.

My 2 biggest questions :

1. Would I be able to give a VM direct access to use this card http://www.aja.com/en/articles/144/

2. Since the machine only holds 2 cards, can I move the Direct Path IO of the ajacards from one VM to another?



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