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vSphere Perl SDK6.7, connect.pl & vmcontrol.pl throwing exception while connecting to VCenter.

I've installed vSphere Perl SDK6.7 on windows server 2012. And while using connect.pl & vmcontrol.pl scripts to manage VMs hosted in VCenter, I'm getting error like :

Error connecting to server at '<VCenter-host>/sdk/webService': Perhaps host is not a vCenter or ESX server.

>perl vmcontrol.pl --server <VCenter-Host> -username "user" -password "password" --operation shutdown  --vmname <VM>

ESXi version is 6.5 .

Earlier ESX version was 5.5., and that time we were able to manage VMs using VMRUN tool, but post this upgrade, vmrun tool started throwing errors like "communication error", and when I tried to setup alternate using Perl SDK, I'm not able to connect to VCenter and not able to perform any operations. I've to just manage power-on\off operations.


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