vSphere ESXi 6.0 do not know how to set up pfSense.

I have followed this guide: How To: Install a pfSense Router in VMware ESXi or Workstation - YouTube

But it seems i can not make it quite well.

Let me first describe what i have and what i want to achieve.

I have HP Proliat Dl160 g6 with two lan cards.

My ISP is porviding the connection to the internet only with PPPOE connection and i have to set up a virtual router so i can establish an PPPOE connection.

Then when the connection to the internet is achieved i have to make this connection as main for the physical host / the server.

Right now i am connecting to the ESXi host via my local network. I have two networks purchased from my IPS.

The first one i use for home purposes and it is connected to the ISP via external(real machine) router. The second one will be only for the server and i have to create a virtual router so it may connect to the internet via PPPOE connection.

Let me first show you my settings in the Networking panel:


Do i have to make any vLan settings and how ?

Do i have to set up any physical adapet ?

Here are my pfSense settings for WAN and LAN for which i am completely sure i have messed up hard.


Please can you help me out ?

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from all of your postings/threads you opened here you should read some documentation/tutorials about network, server and VMWare basics.

I would also recommend using a physical router for now and get a more simple setup of VMWare up and running (with just one vSwitch).

If that setup is working you may try a more complex setup later if you like.

Looks like you also want to run some kind of hared hostin platform, this would need additional configuration in pfSense. You should also take care of the WAN side of your VMWare box as you may create exposed hosts easily this way which thereafter might get hacked pretty quickly.


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