vSphere Double-Check - CPU Compatibility Concerns

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Just looking for a tool to interogate a couple of HP BL485 G4s to determine if the CPUs will be capable of supporting the more advanced features of vSphere. E.g., Fault Tolerance(FT) which I believe requires SSSE4.x chip extensions.

Run-Virtual.com has released a tool, CPUInfo, but this only hooks into vCenter. These Blades are standalone, esxi hosts, no vCenter 4 in the mix and if adding a ESX 4 host to vCenter 2.5, the message "host not supported error" results.

So I'm after a Windows or Linux tool which can confirm the CPU Make and Model and give feedback on compatiblity with vSphere. If Windows, would need to run remote from the hosts, but even if Linux, since no Service Console, can't really run from BusyBox easily.

Please help with another CPU ID tool for vSphere outside of CPUinfo.


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Take a look at this utilities page which provides tools for compatibility with vSphere: http://www.vmware.com/download/shared_utilities.html


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