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vSphere 8 OSDATA supported Datastore Device Types

I have been reviewing the Partner University tutorials at: https://partneruniversity.vmware.com/oltpublish/site/coursePlayer.do?dispatch=show&courseSessionId=2...

The link has the following information which i have not found elsewhere:

"Datastore device must be a type which is also supported by OSDATA:

  • Supported by OSDATA : local NVMe/SSD/HDD or remote FCoE or hardware-independent iSCSI
  • Not Supported by OSDATA software iSCSI)".

1. In our environment, we use a SW iSCSI adapter to connect to datastores. The statement above appears to indicate that datastores based on a Software iSCSI adapter are not supported for OSDATA. 

2. Is my assumption correct?

3. Is the information posted in training correct.

thank you,




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