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syslog option not visible in Esxi 5.5

Hi Team,

I am facing an issue related to Esxi 5.5. The syslog option is not visible under advance settings of Esxi. Please see the attachment

Here are the troubleshooting steps and the necessary details:

KB's followed:



Host version: ESXi 5.5.0 1746018

1:  vi vmsyslog.conf

loghost = <none>
default_timeout = 180
logdir_unique = false
rotate = 8
logdir = <none>
size = 1024

loghost = udp://IP:514
rotate = 8
size = 1024

2:  ps | grep vmsyslogd

750749 750749 vmsyslogd /bin/python
750750 750749 vmsyslogd /bin/python
750751 750749 vmsyslogd /bin/python
751074 750749 vmsyslogd /bin/python

3 : Restart vmsyslog daemon using this command:

/bin/python -OO /usr/lib/vmware/vmsyslog/bin/vmsyslogd -i

Daemon fork failed 28 (No space left on device)

4: df –h

Filesystem Size      Used     Available Use% Mounted on
VMFS-5 2.0T      1.6T      352.2G 82% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR-VM-DCE-RAID5-LUN114
VMFS-5 2.0T      1.7T      303.0G 85% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR-VM-DCE-RAID5-LUN120
VMFS-5 99.8G    90.5G    9.3G 91%      /vmfs/volumes/VM-DCE-Raid5-SQLDATA01
VMFS-5 2.9T      2.5T      48.0G 85%      /vmfs/volumes/3PAR-VM-DCE-RAID5-LUN122
VMFS-5 2.9T      2.5T      401.5G 87% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR-VM-DCE-RAID5-LUN128
VMFS-5 2.9T      2.5T      437.0G 85% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR-VM-DCE-RAID5-LUN130
VMFS-3 1024G   461.3G 562.5G 45%      /vmfs/volumes/Lefthand002
VMFS-5 9.3T      8.3T      991.8G 90% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR-VM-DCE-RAID5-DMAP016
vfat 4.0G      68.4M   3.9G 2% /vmfs/volumes/54ec32d0-b9baa3d8-ba6f-0017a4777004
vfat 249.7M 192.1M 57.6M 77% /vmfs/volumes/70b13176-9fe7b47c-abb0-5013ebd8fabc
vfat 249.7M 176.6M 73.1M 71% /vmfs/volumes/66c44772-6771c060-41f2-dad0ca77950b
vfat 285.8M 192.6M 93.2M 67% /vmfs/volumes/54ec0fe7-257b8a80-5092-0017a4777004

5: vdf -h

Tardisk Space Used
sb.v00 148M 148M
s.v00 295M 295M
misc_cni.v00 24K 21K
net_bnx2.v00 300K 298K
net_bnx2.v01 1M 1M
net_cnic.v00 136K 132K
net_tg3.v00 292K 289K
scsi_bnx.v00 264K 262K
scsi_bnx.v01 196K 192K
elxnet.v00 312K 309K
ima_be2i.v00 2M 2M
lpfc.v00 1M 1M
scsi_be2.v00 744K 741K
char_hpc.v00 44K 40K
char_hpi.v00 36K 34K
hp_ams.v00 3M 3M
hp_build.v00 8K 6K
hp_esxi_.v00 3M 3M
hp_smx_p.v00 27M 27M
hpbootcf.v00 76K 72K
hpnmi.v00 20K 17K
hponcfg.v00 224K 220K
hpssacli.v00 15M 15M
hptestev.v00 28K 25K
scsi_hps.v00 164K 163K
scsi_hpv.v00 2M 2M
net_ixgb.v00 408K 406K
scsi_mpt.v00 464K 461K
ima_qla4.v00 4M 4M
net_qlcn.v00 1M 1M
qlnative.v00 2M 2M
scsi_qla.v00 508K 504K
ata_pata.v00 40K 39K
ata_pata.v01 28K 27K
ata_pata.v02 32K 30K
ata_pata.v03 32K 30K
ata_pata.v04 36K 35K
ata_pata.v05 32K 31K
ata_pata.v06 28K 27K
ata_pata.v07 36K 32K
block_cc.v00 80K 77K
ehci_ehc.v00 92K 91K
weaselin.t00 14M 14M
esx_dvfi.v00 404K 401K
xlibs.v00 1M 1M
ipmi_ipm.v00 40K 38K
ipmi_ipm.v01 88K 87K
ipmi_ipm.v02 100K 97K
lsi_mr3.v00 180K 178K
lsi_msgp.v00 364K 363K
misc_dri.v00 4M 4M
mtip32xx.v00 180K 176K
net_e100.v00 288K 286K
net_e100.v01 232K 230K
net_enic.v00 132K 130K
net_forc.v00 120K 117K
net_igb.v00 296K 293K
net_mlx4.v00 332K 328K
net_mlx4.v01 224K 220K
net_nx_n.v00 1M 1M
net_vmxn.v00 100K 98K
ohci_usb.v00 60K 58K
rste.v00 740K 737K
sata_ahc.v00 80K 76K
sata_ata.v00 56K 52K
sata_sat.v00 60K 59K
sata_sat.v01 44K 40K
sata_sat.v02 44K 40K
sata_sat.v03 36K 32K
sata_sat.v04 32K 28K
scsi_aac.v00 168K 164K
scsi_adp.v00 412K 409K
scsi_aic.v00 280K 278K
scsi_fni.v00 160K 157K
scsi_ips.v00 96K 93K
scsi_meg.v00 92K 91K
scsi_meg.v01 164K 160K
scsi_meg.v02 88K 87K
scsi_mpt.v01 500K 497K
scsi_mpt.v02 420K 418K
scsi_qla.v01 1M 1M
uhci_usb.v00 60K 57K
vmware_f.v00 61M 61M
xorg.v00 3M 3M
imgdb.tgz 380K 380K
state.tgz 40K 39K
Ramdisk Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
root 32M 2M 29M 8% --
etc 28M 392K 27M 1% --
tmp 192M 380K 191M 0% --
hostdstats 1053M 10M 1042M 0% --
snmptraps 1M 0B 1M 0%

# cd /var

# du -sh *
4.0K core
8.0K cpq
524.0K db
44.1M lib
8.0K lock
616.0K log
4.0K opt
308.0K run
20.0K spool
4.0K tmp

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this issue.

PS: This is a newly build esxi host

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4 Replies

Please try below command to reload syslog:

esxcli system syslog reload

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Have the same problem,

nothing helped me, not even starting vmsyslogd or reloading it :smileyplain:

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Anyone get this issue resolved?

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Has anyone figured this out? I am at a loss.

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