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sxi 6.0 - Network configuration - Softlayer



We have dedicated private ESXi server in Softlayer.The server on start had one private IP assigned to vmnic0 management network and 4 interfaces in total.

Interfaces are teamed ( vmnic0 and vmin2 - privat / vmnic1 and 3 public). The provider has also assigned us a

/29 public block for future use ( 1 for host rest for additional host) and

/26 pivate block for future use.

We bought additionaly /29 block of IP adresses to use for setting vm public network. This additional /29 block is called portable static IP and its just 8 IP adressess without broadcast and Gateway instead they are routed to IP of host . But its different subnet than host IP

They have told us that the default gateway of the IPs from this block should be set to the IP of the ESXi server. As the traffic is routed to e esxi public IPs. The problem is that there is no option to set this IP with that gateway from other subnet. I mean i can add the host ip as default gateway but its not working i cant even ping gateway.

They also told Us that we need to make steps from this link to make it work, and now we have public access to VMware and still no internet conection from vmshttp://knowledgelayer.softlayer.com/procedure/enabling-public-access-vmware-esxi-55

And now our vswitch configuration is moreover like this ( i attached screen ) :


1) vswitch0 ( attached to vmnic0) - management network ( privat adress ) + vmnetwork private 2) vswitch1 (attached to vmnic3) - vmkernel (public adress ) + vmnetwork Public

Im trying to contact Softlayer for 4 days for assist how to configure it and first line support always try to do this and then they point me to make a ticcket and after making that ticket i get info with some links how to configure network, how to access host from public network or how to set up network on VM. None of them shows how to deal with my configuration. I dont know if its so obvius or what. Please help me i hope You will be able to figure out something from my description.

Ii know it chaotic but i hope that somebody will be able to give me some clue as Softlayer only says that is normal configuration

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