svMotion performance

We're currently a NetApp 7-mode shop and have been testing Tintri, Pure and XIO. Today I noticed an interesting issue, sVmotion to NFS datastores on NetApp and Tintri get 300 to 350MB/s throughput, but NFS or iSCSI datastores to iSCSI on Pure and XtremIO only get 100MB/s to 150MB/s. I'm at a loss to explain why this would be the case. The iSCSI array all have MPIO configured, etc. and the vendors agree they are configured according to their best practice for all SATP/PSP/advanced settings. Confirmed no bandwidth issues on the switch ports across all systems, no network errors. Performance for regular VM activity has no issues.

Here are the run times for the same VM moved between different datastores.


XIOTintri12:48:1912:52:160:03:57iscsi to nfs
TintriPure12:53:5113:06:110:12:20nfs to iscsi
PureTintri13:07:5713:11:520:03:55iscsi to nfs
TintriXIO13:13:1013:27:210:14:11nfs to iscsi
XIONetApp14:58:0415:02:040:04:00iscsi to nfs
NetAppPure15:12:3115:24:330:12:02nfs to iscsi
PureXIO15:28:0115:33:030:05:02iscsi to iscsi
XIOPure16:12:0216:21:180:09:16iscsi to iscsi
PureNetApp16:26:5516:31:280:04:33iscsi to nfs
NetAppNetApp16:34:2316:42:080:07:45nfs to nfs
NetAppPure16:53:4917:07:100:13:21nfs to iscsi
PurePure17:12:5617:16:290:03:33iscsi vaai
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