some problems to configure ntp server on vmware


I have a 2 blades with vmware 5.0.0 ( 623860 ) and I want configure the the ntp synchronization with the domain controller.

I have the same configuration on other 3 blades with version ESXi 5.0.0 (1311175) that works very well.

The ntp.conf file is exactly the same that is on esxi server but on the first does not work.

The following is the syslog.log file after restarting the ntp service:

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z root: ntpd Stopping ntpd

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z ntpd[7577412]: ntpd exiting on signal 1

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z root: ntpd Starting ntpd

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z ntpd[7573357]: ntpd 4.2.6p2@1.2194-o Tue Mar 15 09:36:00 UTC 2011 (1)

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z ntpd[7577454]: proto: precision = 0.624 usec

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z ntpd[7577454]: Listen and drop on 0 v4wildcard UDP 123

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z ntpd[7577454]: Listen normally on 1 lo0 UDP 123

2015-12-15T00:45:56Z ntpd[7577454]: Listen normally on 2 vmk0 UDP 123

2015-12-15T00:58:04Z cimslp: Found 18 profiles in namespace root/interop

I suspect that the ntp server does not synchronize because there is a too large difference of time between the servers.. but I don't see any clue on the log..

the differences time is about 8 hours

Anyone could help me ?

and can I manually change the ntp time also with so big difference of hours ?

thank u.

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