set syslog and coredump settings to default values


at the moment we still have 5.5 ESXi hosts. They are configured to send their syslog and coredump to our old Windows vCenter server (5.5).

The new vCenter appliance v6 is up and productive and all our ESXi are connected to this. Now I want to shutdown the old Windows server and later I want to upgrade the ESXi to v6.

But first I want to change the syslog and coredump settings to their default values. But what are the default settings ?

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Please run this command on your ESXi server :

esxcli system syslog config config --reset

For dump collector, run the bellow command:

esxcli system coredump network set --enable false

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Thanks :smileygrin:

The dump collector worked pretty fine :smileygrin:

Unfortunately the syslog not. The correct syntax seems to be:

esxcli system syslog config set --reset=loghost

Now with esxcli system syslog config get I get the following:

   Default Network Retry Timeout: 180

   Local Log Output: /scratch/log

   Local Log Output Is Configured: true

   Local Log Output Is Persistent: true

   Local Logging Default Rotation Size: 1024

   Local Logging Default Rotations: 8

   Log To Unique Subdirectory: false

   Remote Host: <none>

How may I now change the line "Local Log Output Is Configured:" to false ?

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