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python error while using esxi customizer

Hey, Im trying to install ESXI 6.7.0 on an old PC for home labs

an Intel i5 6400 cpu and 8 Gb of RAM 

i need to add my NIC driver to the .iso so i can proceed with the insallation.

ive tried to use the esxi costumizer 2.6.0 via powershell ise (As an Adminstrator)

but i always get the same error (Of course Python 3.12 [Latest Version] is Installed)

An unexpected error occured:
Failed to initialize the VMware.ImageBuilder PowerCLI module because of error: Unsupported Python version. VMware.ImageBuilder supports Python 3.7.1 and higher.
Make sure that Python 3.7.1 or higher is installed and that you have set the path to the Python executable by using Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -PythonPath <executable_path>. See the PowerCLI C
ompatibility Matrixes for information on the Python requirements.

i dont know what to do ! ive tried to use ChatGPT for help but ive been stuck on the same error again and again 


Please Help!


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Make sure the path is correct for powercli, if you have installed 3.12 and the esxi customizer don't detect it, most of cases are path error.

Also make sure powerCLI is updated to the last version.

Check this reference, it's a full tutorial for installation and troubleshooting:


Kind regards.

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