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performance logging stopped

I have 4 esxi5 hosts in a cluster running vsphere 5 ent.  For some reason, performance logging on one of the hosts seems to have stopped 3 days ago.  When I look at a "1 day" graph on this host, they all say No data available.  If i switch to a "1 week" view, i get the graphs, but they just end 6/19/12 around 1am.  If i switch to realtime, everything shows up fine so I know the performance monitoring is still working.  any ideas how i can get this to show up again?


Oh, interesting note.  The time that the graphs stop is when i took 3 of the hosts down for maintenance and vmotioned everything over to the 4th for a few hours.  The 4th host just happens to be the one im talking about here.  I dont know why that would cause this problem but im sure its relevant.

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