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hello , i have a small ESXi infrastructure that i would like to migrate to latest version of vSphere.

current version is ESXi 5.0.0 build 623860

i have a brand new physical server that i would 'like' to eventually have latest version of ESXi running .

is there any way i can migrate the 3 VMs i have running on the old server over to the new server without any downtime? Can i install ESXi 6.0 and vCenter 6.0 and add the 5.0 host then use storage vMotion?

any other suggestions?


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You can do that indeed. You must first install/Upgrade vCenter version 6 then connect your new vSphere 6 and your old vSphere 5 to it.

If your VM runs on local storage yes, but if you have shared storage you can just do a simple vMotion.

If your infrastructure is made of only one ESXi it's maybe a bit overkill/expensive to have a vCenter just for that?

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Yes, You can install VMware ESXi 6 on new server.

Before Installing ESXi make sure new servers are VMware Hardware Compatibility list.

Then Install vCenter 6. Consider deploying vCenter server appliance 6.

vSphere 6.0 Documentation Center

Once vCenter server gets ready with new ESXi hosts then Add old ESXi 5.x host to vCenter server.

Create all required portgroups on new Hosts, same as old Host.

Do the VLAN tagging.

Then you can do vMotion+Storage vMotion to host without any downtime.



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