migrate vmware 1.x host to Vsphere 4.0


i have one ml 370 g5 with local storage that i want to migrate from vmware server to vsphere 4.0.

Now my VMs are composed by many 2 GB vmdk files.

For migrating from one environment to the other i supposed these are the steps:

1. copy my VM files to another location like NAS or NFS sharing.

2. install vsphere, erasing completely my system (in God we trust...)

3. copy back my VM files from NAS or NFS sharing to my new Vsphere server.

4. start my VMs.

Is this the right procedure? On step three can i convert to single vmdk file the sparse one?

Thanks a lot!


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Yes that is roughly the procedure.

Except for the step where you copy the vm's back. It is best to use the vmkfstools command to import the disks into vSphere storage.

As in:

vmkfstools -i  /nfs/yoursource.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/myvm/yourtargetdisk.vmdk

If you want to use ESXi then there's a similar command called




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