is this failing hardware?


Am finding it takes quite a long time ie several minutes, for the following commands to finish executing (but without failure!) when logged in via ssh in tech support mode. It is Esxi4.0...which I agree is quite old:

ls -asl  /

(ie listing the root directory)

ls -asl /vmfsvolumes

ls: ./e00f98e1-2bcc0c91-e7a2-3487611c1557: Connection timed out

ls: ./8651407d-22f5a0a4-44b3-aa1ac5b23fe8: Connection timed out

ls: ./4bbcb300-91be9561-f4d1-00270e22118d: Connection timed out

ls: ./4bbcb302-e81e496c-10d5-00270e22118d: Connection timed out

ls: ./74b0ab7e-3c564a8d-e693-0f8e5503d3d6: Connection timed out

1 TB new Seagate HDD                 Hypervisor1                          Hypervisor3                          VMwareOS

55b426c5-9fb7f4ef-350f-00270e22118d  Hypervisor2                          QNAP-backup                          fb4a3148-fb757b6e

Is my vmware about to fail?

Someone said it could be the datastore (which is on a NAS), and which has had some anomalous behaviour lately

anything else I can check?

should I reboot the vmware OS?



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Hello Michael,

Good Day!

What hardware are you using for the asked ESXi 4.0? It seems to be related to HBA adaptor driver as well. If any hardware upgrade (Drivers\BIOS\Firmware) is available please upgrade.

Parallely you can check with your storage team if they are seeing any disconnects from Fibre Switch end or not. If they are all clear then the maim culprit is your HBA drivers.

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