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ioctl error after snapshot creation

Hi all,

I have VM with a 10TB vmdk, which I want to backup using Commvault Simpana.

The snapshot gets created successfully, but after that only errors are returned. I found this snippet in the hostd.log:


2015-01-23T20:16:37.819Z [21281B70 verbose 'SoapAdapter'] Responded to service state request

2015-01-23T20:16:40.104Z [21681B70 warning 'Statssvc.vim.PerformanceManager'] Calculated write I/O size 936618 for scsi0:1 is out of range -- 936618,prevBytes = 352807424 curBytes = 361236992 prevCommands = 732curCommands = 741

2015-01-23T20:16:40.136Z [21681B70 warning 'Statssvc.vim.PerformanceManager'] Calculated read I/O size 1048582 for scsi0:3 is out of range -- 1048582,prevBytes = 12985053514240 curBytes = 12987061549568 prevCommands = 78514471curCommands = 78516386

2015-01-23T20:16:40.156Z [21681B70 warning 'Statssvc.vim.PerformanceManager'] Calculated write I/O size 662457 for scsi0:1 is out of range -- 662457,prevBytes = 10630470656 curBytes = 10664256000 prevCommands = 57435curCommands = 57486

2015-01-23T20:16:40.386Z [21681B70 warning 'Statssvc.vim.PerformanceManager'] Basil read workload parameters for 53eb5ff0-2a96a6fc-eec9-b8ca3a6970a0 are out of range,oIO = 34 ioSizeBytes = 987018

2015-01-23T20:16:40.442Z [21681B70 warning 'Statssvc.vim.PerformanceManager'] Basil read workload parameters for 54aa5a31-c6226a61-2e79-b8ca3a67e8f0 are out of range,oIO = 31 ioSizeBytes = 701426

2015-01-23T20:16:42.714Z [24782B70 info 'Blklistsvc' opID=6f02951f-c5 user=vpxuser] Built block list with 500 entries.

2015-01-23T20:16:42.780Z [232C1B70 verbose 'Default' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] AdapterServer: target='vim.host.DiskManager.Lease:525cfd3b-dd94-7d89-7356-67d8de6f2213', method='MapDiskRegion'

2015-01-23T20:16:44.624Z [21681B70 verbose 'SoapAdapter'] Responded to service state request

2015-01-23T20:16:51.094Z [24782B70 info 'Libs' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] OBJLIB-FILEBE : FileBEIoctl: ioctl operation failed on '/vmfs/devices/deltadisks/5fd44dee-FileShare1_1-000002-sesparse.vmdk' : File too large (1769474)

2015-01-23T20:16:51.094Z [24782B70 warning 'Libs' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] ESXMapperGetPhysicalMapping: Failed to get physical mapping: 1b0004 File too large

2015-01-23T20:16:51.094Z [24782B70 error 'Blklistsvc' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] Cannot get block mapping: 1.

2015-01-23T20:16:51.094Z [24782B70 info 'Default' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] AdapterServer caught exception: vim.fault.LeaseFault

2015-01-23T20:16:51.095Z [24782B70 info 'Solo.Vmomi' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] Activation [N5Vmomi10ActivationE:0x2545a588] : Invoke done [MapDiskRegion] on [vim.host.DiskManager.Lease:525cfd3b-dd94-7d89-7356-67d8de6f2213]

2015-01-23T20:16:51.095Z [24782B70 verbose 'Solo.Vmomi' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] Arg mapStart:

--> 10874876067840

2015-01-23T20:16:51.095Z [24782B70 verbose 'Solo.Vmomi' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] Arg mapLength:

--> 120240209920

2015-01-23T20:16:51.095Z [24782B70 info 'Solo.Vmomi' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] Throw vim.fault.LeaseFault

2015-01-23T20:16:51.095Z [24782B70 info 'Solo.Vmomi' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] Result:

--> (vim.fault.LeaseFault) {

-->    dynamicType = <unset>,

-->    faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,

-->    msg = "",

--> }

2015-01-23T20:16:51.095Z [24782B70 error 'SoapAdapter' opID=61ffcf7-37 user=vpxuser] Method vim.host.DiskManager.Lease.MapDiskRegion threw undeclared fault of type vim.fault.LeaseFault

2015-01-23T20:16:51.277Z [24782B70 verbose 'Default' opID=55c370fc-f3 user=vpxuser] AdapterServer: target='vim.host.DiskManager.Lease:525cfd3b-dd94-7d89-7356-67d8de6f2213', method='release'

2015-01-23T20:16:51.278Z [24782B70 info 'Blklistsvc' opID=55c370fc-f3 user=vpxuser] Received block list destroy request for lease 525cfd3b-dd94-7d89-7356-67d8de6f2213

2015-01-23T20:16:51.278Z [24782B70 info 'Blklistsvc' opID=55c370fc-f3 user=vpxuser] Destructor for Lease 525cfd3b-dd94-7d89-7356-67d8de6f2213 called

2015-01-23T20:16:51.444Z [24782B70 verbose 'Default' opID=2f0a04ac-d6 user=vpxuser] AdapterServer: target='vim.host.DiskManager:ha-blklist-service', method='renewAllLeases'

2015-01-23T20:16:51.445Z [24782B70 info 'Blklistsvc' opID=2f0a04ac-d6 user=vpxuser] Renewing leases for session 8f049305-3fcb-1f68-8127-409c9307ca88


This error seems to occur when the vmdk size is bigger than 5TB., there is plenty of room for snapshot overhead on the datastore.

The CommVault logs only show 'possible VDDK deadlock encountered', the used VDDK version is 5.5.1

The host is running ESXi version 5.5.0-2143827

Does anybody ever experienced anything like this?

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Can you create a "normal" snapshot with Snapshot Manager from vCenter/ESXi?

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Creating/deleting a snapshot isn't giving any trouble.

What I gather from the logs, it seems the soapadapter (api?) has problems reading/accessing the delta disk.

All other machines snapshot and backup just fine.

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