increasing datastore across multiple local disks

Hi all

Say I got a ESXi 6 server with 24 disks presented to it. and say that I want them into one big datastore.

That is pretty easy cause we can just create the datastore on one disk and then expand that onto the other 23 disks.

But right now it seems we can only do this by clicking each disk one by one.

I am wondering is there a way to script this or select multiple disks at once? Say I want to add all avaliable free disks into this one big datastore?


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Just a question, these 24 disks are already protected by RAID ? If not, I will recommend you configure a RAID group (and mark some disk as hot spare) using all these disks through your disk controller and then create a volume that your vSphere ESXi host will use.


Richardson Porto
Senior Infrastructure Specialist
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