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iSCSI/NIC Bonding/Multi Pathing

My entire ESX environment consists of all Dell PE2950s, each with 2x 1GB NICs in them.

both my iSCSI servers have 2x 1GB ethernet that are NIC bonded to maximize throughput.

these are mostly development boxes, so its mostly iSCSI traffic and vm to vm traffic (like IIS to SQL, etc)

Whats the best way to config the vNetwork in ESX so that I can use both NICs for ISCSI, but not lose LAN functionality?  Can I dedicate 1 NIC to iSCSI and the other NIC to ISCSI/LAN?

I posted about this before and was told that NIC bonding is not supported for iSCSI in ESX.  I don't know anything about multipathing....

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