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iSCSI & NFS Sharing a vNIC - Is this Supported??

I'm at a bit of a logger heads just now with VMware support. My current configuration is as follows:

- Standard vSwitch 1 has 2 vNICs assigned.

- The 2 vNICs have iSCSI offload capability (h/w hba is associated to each vNIC, it's a converged 10GB broadcom card)

- We use both iSCSI & NFS backed datastores

- Within vSwitch 1, vmk2 (nfs, vlan 112) has both vnics configured as active/active

- Within vSwitch 1, vmk3 & 4 are iSCSI Kernels (vlan 102).

- HBA1 is bound to vmk3 (with vnic 1 active and vnic 2 unused)

- HBA2 is bound to vmk4 (with vnic2 active and vnic 1 unused)

The VMware support engineer i have liaising with is stipulating that this is NOT a supported design configuration & that an NFS kernel should not pass traffic through the same vNIC that an iSCSI kernel also utilises (despite both kernels being on a different subnet).

Can anyone clarify this configuration? My understanding is that you should be capable of using various different storage protocols through the vNIC?

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