how to mount a hdd directly to my vm on esx

Hi all

I am trying to use clonezilla to clone the hdd of one of my redhat VMs onto a physical disk.

The overall goal is the convert the VM into physical machine.

Originally what we tried was to use a 2TB usb drive, and we add it to the redhat VM as a usb device, and clonezilla can recognize the usb drive as sdb and we are able to clone out the image. But we have having trouble with cloning the image to any target machines because the target drives typically are smaller then our 2TB disk and clonezilla rejects the job.

Now we are trying something else:

We have inserted a 300GB HDD into the server, and are trying to add that to the VM so it would show up as sdb.

But if I try to add a harddisk I couldn't add directly the physical disk. Do i have to configure it as a datastore then configure raw device mapping?

Is there a way around that? Cause when I added the USB drive it was just plug-add and play.


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