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fusion-io / sandisk ioDrive2 + ioTurbine / ioSphere on ESXi 6.0

Anyone have caching working with an ioDrive2 or similar card + ioTurbine on ESXi 6.0?  I've got the card running on the host with the libvsl-600-1.0.0-, scsi-iomemory-vsl-60L-, & fusionio-cimprovider-esxi6-bundle-3.18.0-16.zip from Sandisk.  The Fusion ioSphere tab shows up on the ESXi hosts browsed through vCenter 6 client so it's registering correctly with the ioSphere 3.18 OVA but the ioTurbine component is missing with no option to install it when the 'update host software' is performed and there's no caching fields shown in the gui now.  Suggestions are appreciated.

fio-status -a

Found 1 ioMemory device in this system

Driver version: 3.2.15 build 1699

Adapter: Single Controller Adapter

        Fusion-io ioCache 600GB, Product Number:F00-001-600G-CS-0001, SN:*, FIO SN:*

        ioDrive2 Adapter Controller, PN:PA004221002

        External Power: NOT connected

        PCIe Bus voltage: avg 11.98V

        PCIe Bus current: avg 0.78A

        PCIe Bus power: avg 9.23W

        PCIe Power limit threshold: 24.75W

        PCIe slot available power: unavailable

        Connected ioMemory modules:

          fct0: Product Number:F00-001-600G-CS-0001, SN:*

fct0    Attached

        ioDrive2 Adapter Controller, Product Number:F00-001-600G-CS-0001, SN:*

        ioDrive2 Adapter Controller, PN:PA004221002

        SMP(AVR) Versions: App Version:, Boot Version:

        Located in slot 0 Center of ioDrive2 Adapter Controller SN:*

        Powerloss protection: protected

        PCI:05:00.0, Slot Number:2

        Vendor:1aed, Device:2001, Sub vendor:1aed, Sub device:2001

        Firmware v7.1.17, rev 116786 Public

        600.00 GBytes device size

        Format: v500, 1171875000 sectors of 512 bytes

        PCIe slot available power: 25.00W

        PCIe negotiated link: 4 lanes at 5.0 Gt/sec each, 2000.00 MBytes/sec total

        Internal temperature: 59.55 degC, max 61.03 degC

        Internal voltage: avg 1.02V, max 1.02V

        Aux voltage: avg 2.50V, max 2.50V

        Reserve space status: Healthy; Reserves: 100.00%, warn at 10.00%

        Active media: 100.00%

        Rated PBW: 8.00 PB, 79.61% remaining

        Lifetime data volumes:

           Physical bytes written: 1,631,046,945,740,120

           Physical bytes read   : 3,934,703,133,701,712

        RAM usage:

           Current: 667,599,552 bytes

           Peak   : 667,599,552 bytes

        Contained VSUs:

          fioiom0:      ID:0, UUID:*

fioiom0 State: Online, Type: block device

        ID:0, UUID:*

        600.00 GBytes device size

        Format: 1171875000 sectors of 512 bytes


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Did you deploy the ioTurbine OVA?  ioTurbine and ioSphere are two different products, ioTurbine from what I remember is a separate paid product and ioSphere is just the management component for the FusionIO/Sandisk cards.  Also when Sandisk bought FusionIO the ioTurbine product was deprecated and replaced by Sandisk's Flashsoft caching product. 

I haven't used ioTurbine for years ever since I replaced it with the now defunct PernixData FVP after Nutanix bought them and killed the product outright.  I'm looking for a replacement but haven't settle on anything yet but Infinio seem viable as I have an excess of memory and NVMe on each host that I'm currently using PernixData with.  To anyone using PernixData I like to hear what replacement options you are evaluating or not.

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my notes from june in case anyone else comes across the same thing: Sandisk still puts out updated drivers, but tech support stated ioTurbine caching is no longer supported on ESXi 6 and they’ve abandoned it.  Didn’t see this mentioned in their current ioSphere  and drivers documentation so it caught me off guard. in the end i just reconfigured the iodrives as basic ssd host cache configured from esxi directly and moved on.

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