esxi vm's lose usb raid das passthrough config after power outages

Example host: Lenovo 10AY001YUS with Intel H81 Chipset

ESXi 6.0, 6.5, 6.7 with most recent occurrence on ESXi 6.7.0 build-13981272

Drobo 5D RAID DAS firmware 4.x connected to host via usb 3.x port and added to vm config as usb device via vm usb 3.0 controller

I have hosts on unsupported hardware like this in locations where it's not possible to ensure 24/7/365 power though basic UPS are employed.  Sometimes following power outages Windows Server 2012 vm's entirely lose this Drobo USB 3.x device though it's still visible from the ESXi host lsusb command.  When this happens it must be re-added to the vm by editing the vm config and adding it again from the usb device menu.  On rare occasions, the ESXi host itself also loses the Drobo based on the lsusb command.  When this happens the host can only see it again after moving the usb cable to a different port, verifying it populates in lsusb, and then re-adding it to the vm config.  There are no problems like this after graceful host reboots, only after power outages.  Is there a way to force a vm to retain this usb device config across unexpected power loss events?

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