esxi 5.5 challenges with multiple vmkernel in the different subnet. Help me !!

Hi every one,

I have 4 esxi 5.5 and two  subnets

one VDS for all the esxi and each esxi has 2 VMKERNEL Management and Client

All the ESXI works except one if i connect 2 PNIC to a 2 subnets, i can't ping VMK0

but it works if i disconnect the second PNIC

What is the problem

Thank you very much

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Hi there,

A little hard to troubleshoot with the information provided however it is likely you have a mismatch between the port configuration on the pSwitch and the Load Balancing algorithm on the vDS Port Groups.

Perhaps you could confirm the following information what Load Balancing option you have selected on the vDS port? If you are using Route based on IP hash then check your port configuration on your pSwitch to ensure it supports Link Aggregation for the physical network adapters connected to them.

Hope this helps or at least points you in a direction Smiley Happy

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