elusive virtualized fax server... what am I missing

Server 2008 R2 x64 /  ESXi 5.0 / USB Multitech modem

I have added the modem as an available device to the server environment in question and in Server 2008 I can see the modem, installed the drivers, and query it fine. When I try to add a fax account to windows fax and scan everything seems to go through OK but at the end of the process nothing happens (as in on the last step I click on and am back at the account screen but no account has been added.) I can add network fax accounts but I cant seem to add an account for my local modem. I have exhaisted all of my research on the Microsoft side and after searching threads here it seems like there are some problems with virtualized fax servers. Has anyone actually gotten a virtualized windows fax server to work with a USB modem and any thoughts as to what I am missing or doing wrong?

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