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dd command to backup sd card ends up with "Function not implemented" after 10 hours

This question has been probably asked but I could not find any definite answer.

We are taking over the management of 3 hosts that all have Esxi on 32GB SD .

As a precaution we want to save all SDs prior to make any changes and to have spare SDs just in case.

We ran the following command to save the images of the 1st Host to our Synology backup server:

dd if=/dev/disks/mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0 of=“/vmfs/volumes”Synology Store/images/esxi100.img"

The command ran 10 hours and created a 29.89GB file but ended with the "Function not implemented" during the night... Nevertheless the image file seems to be complete as 29.89GB equals the size of the ls -al /dev/disks on the esxi host (see attached screenshot).

What does that mean? The dd command aborted and is the image file ok or corrupted?  How could we verify this?

Thanks for any hints at this !


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