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core dump partition configuration

Hello all,

I have some question about core dump partition configuration.

and, I need to set core dump partition in one physical disk.

Q1. procedure.

    I've set one physical disk as VMKCORE(ID is fc) by fdisk commnand.

    but i don't know it will be written core dump data there that partition, or not.

    because i've not yet set path for core dump partition on service concolse.

    As the procedure,

    at first, set the VMKCORE partition to target disk,

    next, to activate as core dump partition by esxcfg-dumppert command.

    What should I do next step ?? and those procedure is correct ?

Q2. how to confirm.

   When the core dump partition is set properly, I can see it from service console ?

   I do not know how to confirmation command.(not esxcfg-dumppart -l )

if anyone know that , please let me know.



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Hi kawasakit77,

welcoem to the community .  The process called ESXi Dump Collector  For that please follw below steps.       Install the ESXi Dump Collector service on the vCenter Server system or a Windows or Linux system of your choice. ESXi Dump Collector is one of the services you can install using the vCenter Server system installation package. See vSphere Installation and Setup. If you use the vCenter Server on Linux appliance, ESXi Dump Collector is preinstalled. 2       Set up ESXi systems that should use ESXi Dump Collector with commands in the esxcli system coredump namespace. Two namespaces are supported inside this namespace. ■       esxcli system coredump partition ■       get: Retrieve one of the dump partition values. ■       list: List all partitions on the system that have a partition type matching the VMware Core partition type. ■       set: Set the core dump partition for this system. ■       esxcli system coredump network ■       get: Get the currently configure parameters for ESXi Dump Collector (network coredump), if enabled. ■       set: Set the parameters used for network coredump. The following example sets up the network and enables ESXi Dump Collector with the ESXCLI vCLI command. esxcli --server MyESXiHost system coredump network set --interface-name vmk0 --server-ipv4 10XX... --port 6500 esxcli --server MyESXiHost system coredump network get --enable true --type network

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