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cluster performance

Hi All,

I have HA and DRS cluster with 6 ESX4.1  hosts. find the below details for ESX H/W

Model:HP proliant BL490c

Memory:115 GB on each esx host

my cluster running with 55 VM's (windows2008, 8GB ram,4vCPU).

How many vm's i will build in this cluster? is there any tool or script to calculate the cluster,esx host performance and recomends?

please help me out on this.



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Hot Shot


Please create a cluster, enable HA and add all the hosts to that cluster, once done, select the cluster, now click on the summary tab in the right hand side pane. This will appear in 4.x VC onwards

on summary pane, Under VMware HA heading you will see option "Run Time Info". Click on this link it will give you the slot calculation and configuration for each slot. in the popup you will see available slots, these are the no. of VM's that you will be able to poweron in the environment with default settings given on the same popup.

Incase if you want to give more memory or CPU to any of the VM's the slot calculation will change, any time you give any VM more Memory or CPU than default, check the "Run Time Info" mentioned above, as that will give you remaining slots in the environment.

you can also refer to page 15 of http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsphere4/r40/vsp_40_availability.pdf for further infromation on slot calculation.


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