changed network settings, can't mount NFS or iSCSI datastores anymore

I had multiple peer to peer connections over 10 Gbe between a couple of ESXi servers and a TrueNAS server for NFS and iSCSI datastores. I got a new 10 Gbe switch so I connected all those peer to peer runs to them. Beforehand, to avoid confusion and to kind of start fresh, I unregistered all VMs and removed all custom/non-default datastores and network stuff (groups, vswitches and VMkernal NICs). For the new setup I changed the physical ports on NICs and/or gave servers new IP addresses on a new subnet. Now when I try to mount a NFS or iSCSI datastore ESXi web client simply times outs and fails to mount. I tried restarting ESXi and TrueNAS and I tried removing and re-adding the NFS share or iSCSI targets, but they won't mount. How do I get my datastores mounted again?

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