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building vsphere cluster with 10Gb ethernet

Hello all,

i am looking for some best practices information. i building a 4 host cluster (esxi 5.5) using 4 x  DELL M620 blade servers (M1000e chassis)

I have 2 x 10Gbe ether adapters for each blade.

How do most people configure the networking with this type of setup? I am connecting to iSCSI storage (IBM V7000)

I was thinking

1 vswitch for vmnet/mgmt/vmotion

2nd vswitch for iscsi

is this optimal? should i break down the 10Gb into smaller segments?

thanks in advance

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Hey dirkidgs,

There is many ways you can chop up the 10GB NIC, Kendrick does a great job of putting out some design options for you

VMware vSphere 5 Host NIC Network Design Layout and vSwitch Configuration [Major Update] | Tech Blog...

You may also want to look into VDS and the new NIOC controls as you can now control which traffic gets how much throughput with user based settings.

I hope this has helped.

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