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best statistic(s) to take for VM CPU/RAM usage/contention?

I inherited some ESXi clusters with Resource Pools created primarily to organize.  I'm going to remove the RP's and create folders to sort.  What is the best statistic I can take to do a before and after comparison for the individual VM's (or would it be better to collect data at the cluster or host level)  to show improvement on resource contention?  This environment is a little under powered with frequent contention; I'm hoping to improve on that by removing the RP's as they are very unbalanced (some have a few VM's, some have a hundred; and for the most part the VM's are using default shares). 

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi Ticker,

Presuming you just have vCenter Standard and not VCOPS (like most of us 😉

Then the historical performance data from the cluster, host and vm level should be exported from vcentre
VMware KB: Exporting performance data from the vSphere Storage Views tab

You could also capture ESXTOP data at intervals e.g. if you know there is a peak on a Monday at 9am or 3pm on Thursday when a batch job runs.

The details on how to capture ESXTOP to CSV are here

VMware KB: Exporting esxtop performance data as a CSV file and manipulating it from the command-line...

Or you can use CronTab to capture at specific times

VMware KB: Gathering esxtop performance data at specific times using crontab

Hope that helps

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for CPU you usually monitor for CPU ready (%RDY) an %SYS as high I/O VM detection

for memory look for Active/Consumed ratio and VM balooning/swaping activity...

Some examples are mentioned here:

VMware KB: Troubleshooting ESX/ESXi virtual machine performance issues

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