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What happened to ESXi? It's worse than it was 10 years ago.

Everything got worse from simple stuff like:

Using the built-in ESXi webserver. If I right click a VM and then left click any option that has sub-options - the menu exits.

Using a shared drive? Well my Ubuntu VM won't boot. Haven't done anything other than install updates and reboot. I don't even have to mount the shared storage volume. Three times now. Feels bad. (No issues if I update/reboot without the shared drive attached).

There's a million other problems too, like random exceptions specifically in the ESXi web server (exception finding method ".toString()") Or my favorite, the blank exception error box using the ESXi in-screen pop-up with "details" and "ok" buttons (but details doesn't show anything).

The only explanation is if they off-shored research and development. Well, it was nice before they transitioned. I really hope they improve the quality of their software.

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Hi UnluckyPenguin,

Could you clarify the different issues you have and share some screenshots of the errors etc.

Please provide more info regarding your hardware as well.

- compute

- storage

- ESXi version

When you said "using a shared drive" and "I don't even have to mount the shared storage volume" what did you mean by that and what shared storage volume are you talking about exactly.

This is my personal opinion here but, ESXi hasn't stopped improving over the years. I've been working with ESXi and other VMware products for quite some time now and I'm quite satisfied about it.

Anyway if you could send the info I asked above and we'll see what we can do to solve the problem.

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