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What are the limitations on setting up GFS in vSphere?

Hello Experts,

I just want to know what are the limitations on implementing RedHat Global File System in vSphere.

We are planning to setup webserver in VMs under vSphere. As these servers got some common data to access we are thinking about implementing GFS.

For MSCS its clearly mentioned the limitation with vSphere. But I'm not able to find any clear cut document for GFS limitations with vSphere.

Please help me to clarify this and also let me know is this the best idea to implement GFS under vSphere? Will it make any peformance issues or any others probs may occur??





Guys... Any Idea????

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All that I found yet is:

If you will try to implement failover cluster the limitations are:

• no shapshot on the VM

• no vMotion

• no VCB


Clustering Software in a VMware environment

iSCSI Software Support Department

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You have same limitation of a MSCS cluster.

But note that VMware support only a MSCS cluster with FC shared LUNs.

This does not meant that it cannot work, but simply that is not supported.

An alternative solution is use iSCSI connection inside the VM nodes, so from VMware point of view you have only 2 (or more) Linux VMs.


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Thank al of you for your support...!!! Smiley Happy

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