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Weird - "Power On host" available for standby, not powered off


Re Dell R610s with iDRAC 6 Enterprise LOMs:

This is very weird... I've configured the BMC/LOM parameters for each host in my cluster and verified that those parameters (IP, username, password) work from ipmitool on a guest with access to the ESXi managment net (they do).

If I put a host into standby from the vclient, I get the "Power On" option available and it does indeed work.

If I do a "Shut down" host, which does fully shut the host down (I've checked), the "Power ON" option is greyed out...

Is it using another mechanism to wake up from standby? I'm confused... Not sure how to get the system to tell me if it is happy with the BCM/LOM parameters...

The LOMs are on the same subnet as the ESXi management net so nothing much to go wrong there.

These LOMS do indeed remain available at all times (I can start the "Powered Off" machine from its LOM).

Any ideas?



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